Civil / Structural Engineering

Structural Design

Our structural department has the technical expertise, resources and software to effectively analyze and design structural systems for the energy sector.

Our team of professional engineer’s have been involved in many areas of structural analysis including:


· Lattice Towers (AL & Steel)

· Steel Poles

· Telecommunication Towers

· Deep Foundations

· Equipment Foundations

· Substation Structure Foundatons

· Substation Structures

· Retrofits of Structural Systems

· Restorations & Conversions

· Reinforcement of Transmission Structures

· Additions to Existing Structures

· Conceptual designs

· Existing Foundation Studies & Rehabilitation

· Forensic Studies

· Structural Inspection

· End of Life Analysis


Our analytical work includes determining structural behavior under natural loads such as wind, & ice, as well as earthquakes, snow loads and vehicle loads.




The Design Team

· Professional Engineers

· Project Managers

· Associate Engineers

· Technicians

· Designers

· Drafters





Projects at a Glance

MLEC has completed transmission tower reinforcement design services for numerous electric utilities. Our team has successfully retrofitted and reinforced thousands of towers ranging in voltage classes from 69kV to 765kV.



Pictured above are structural reinforcement details for 230kV Aluminum Lattice Towers. The reinforcement was necessary  to harden structures for the installation of a fiber optic cable and to meet stringent client load conditions.


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