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Distribution Design

Distribution design engineering coordinates with electric utilities to ensure the electrical services to a customer or a facility is properly sized, functional, and all devices are synergistic as a whole. Main Line Energy Consultants, a Westwood team (MLEC) has extensive experience designing electrical facilities ranging from large complex solutions to small cost effective solutions.

MLEC offers design services  pertinent to overhead and underground distribution facilities for utility and customers with various business  needs. In addition, MLEC offers various other services to meet our client needs which include smart grid design upgrades, network reliability upgrades, and protection coordination.

MLEC provides engineering design of electrical facilities ranging from 2kV to 69 kV of single phase, two phase, and three phase line designs. The MLEC distribution design of overhead systems applies clearances required to meet NESC, NEC, Cable TV, and Telephone Company requirements. 


Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid Technologies emerged with the goal of minimizing power outages, reducing cost, and increasing reliability to homes, businesses, and critical infrastructures.

MLEC has been working with multiple Utilities to enhance their capabilities to produce power that is reliable and efficient by deploying various state-of-the-art Smart Grid Technologies.







Our goal is to provide distribution and energy design services to utilities in order to support their ongoing initiatives to enhance their power delivery systems. We strive to provide design that increases reliability, efficiency, and mitigate cost of power delivery.


The Design Team

- Professional Engineers

- Project Managers

- Associate Engineers

- Technicians

- Designer

- Drafter





Distribution Design

- Overhead Line Design

- Underground Line Design

- 3 phase design

- Line Reconductoring

- Line Removal

- Transfer Electrical Facilities

- Smart Grid Upgrades

- Pre-Design Job Reviews

- Cost Estimates

- Road Width Determination

- Right of Way Determination

- Bill of Material

- Constructability Review

- Customer Database Entry

- Design Phase One Call

- Construction Drawings

- One Line Drawings

- Foreign Utility Coordination

- Municipality Coordination

- Permit Applications

- Pre-Construction Job Reviews

- Staking

- Execution Plan

- Project Management

- Milestone and Status Updates

- Project Delivery

- Installation Checklists

- Phasing Diagrams


Software Proficiencies



- Arc/FM Designer


- Citrix

- Pole Foreman

- AutoCAD


Smart Grid

- Sectionalizing Devices

- Intelligent 3-Phase Reclosers

- Smart Meters




- Structural Analysis

- Structure Design


Electrical Engineering

- Design Specifications





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