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Transmission Design

Our team is experienced in the design and detailing of cellular attachments. We have analyzed the attachment of equipment on single monopole structures all the way to fully energized 500kV Electric transmission towers. Our portfolio includes over 1,000 individual structural analysis projects, and we are the preferred structural analysis firm for multiple utilities.


As a firm specialized in T&D engineering, we provide valuable insight into the analysis for cellular attachments to transmission structures. These projects must be analyzed with multiple codes, and client specifications that many firms do not have the cabability to handle.










Mapping and Inspection

Working with our qualified field crews, we can provide detailed structure inspections, as well as site mapping for existing equipment and installations.


The Design Team

· Professional Engineers

· Project Managers

· Associate Engineers

· Technicians

· Designers

· Drafters




Telecommunication Design

We bring our experience of both structural and electrical industry engineers to every project and structure we analyze.
- Structural Analysis
- Guyed towers
- Self-support towers
- Monopoles
- Lattice Towers
- Site Inspections
- Reinforcement Design
- Steel Detailing
- Foundation Analysis






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